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Memories is a song performed by singer Bandokay from the album Memories. Here are Bandokay’s Memories Lyrics that have been updated by NewSongs123 so you can sing along or cover more easily.

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Songs: Memories
Singer: Bandokay
Album: Memories

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Memories Lyrics – Bandokay

(Yo Jamskull)
Hmm, brr
Boi, boi, haha

So much memories from the past you can’t bring back (Nah)
You ever think that?
Zheetos in my spliff, lemme think back
Got me crushin’ on my loud, I asked bro, “Where’s the chip, ahk?”
He ain’t a bad boy, he needs to sit back
Correra or ridgeback (Ayy) that was me and my flick nank
Broad day or pitch black
(Broad day or pitch black)
Broad day or pitch black
(Broad day or pitch black)
Got me wearin’ Trapstar, it’s a secret (Ssh)
Got my strap in a car for these eediats (Boi)
Spoke to my nan and she said I’m a genius (Nanny)
Believe yourself, believe Jesus
Police killed my dad though, they still got me mad, bro (Stress)
My little sis confused wherе her dad go
A hundred bags, wherе? What is that? Yo (Mad)
My name’s Bando
I’ll make that off a trap phone
Probably even more, where’s my cash? Yo (Ayy, watch it)
Got me feelin’ fly like a helicopter (Woo)
See if ever robbed ya
Suck your mum, I never cheated, cheaters never prosper (Never)
I need to win a Oscar (Mad)
They need to see a doctor (Now)
I’m seein’ so much money, I can’t count it proper (Boi, boi)
Twin barrel shotgun, we shot sum
They’re rappin’ about burners, but what burners?
They ain’t got none (Wap this)
My nigga caught a L plate and still got funds (Free him)
We had the GP on deck with the Glock gun
They’re talkin’ ’bout readys, bring your readys out
Bow, hit his headie now (Boi, boi)
BBC News, he’s on tele now
If it jams up, cock it back and it’s ready now
Shut down any town, anyhow
Bands, I’m back for good, real talk, man, I’m back and better (Yo)
I told bro we see opps, you better back your wetter (Yo)
And if you’re on the other side, you better back your bredda
Talk up me, I chat whenever, big Beretta
(Oi, take me in, Bands, brrr)
Bare RIPs and 3’s
You know how the ting set, man
(Mm-mm, merky)
Still 3 the murder team
Free S, free Boogie (Boi, boi, trust)
Free my trappers, free Bricks (It’s murder)
Free Baz, free T1 (Free them all)
Free Vale (Fuck the opps)

I told Bug, “Stop goin’ jail” (Stop it)
They asked, “How’s the music?” I say it’s goin’ well (So far)
Told God I’m goin’ heaven, I ain’t goin’ hell (Father God)
Go again if I go and fail, I do it for the O as well (Boi, boi)
Stand on my block, I should be up in the booth though (Ayy)
Me plus gang, two waps in the studio (Boi)
LV bags in the boot, press the key, make the boot close (Sheesh)
And fuck them other guys, might rob ’em like who knows (Haha)
Early morn’ in the cemetery
Just me Uncle Spangz with a bit a Henny (Spangz)
I’m forever starrish and I’m forever ready (Forever)
They took my pops and we lost Smeggy (Ayy, ayy)
Both my legs turned jelly
The fans want my mixtape, I’m like here we go (Let’s go)
I spoke the truth in this tune, you better hear me, bro (You know)
I’m in this 4×4 with no gears you know (Ayy)
I’m still the kid from the farm with no fears on go
I’m in the trenches with hot fries (Boi)
My killlas drop guys (Ayy)
And you ain’t ever seen a Tauras or Glock 9 (Never)
Dotty or the Glock bine
They’re tryna stop crime
I’m tryna make a hundred M’s, I still got time (Watch it)
Yo, I’m tryna make a hundred M’s within no time (Trust)
It’s all mad, I was four back in ’05 (Facts)
I was young, always chillin’ with the old guys (Ayy)
And we don’t shoot man, once you can hold five (Boi)
Step with the Glock or the Tre 2 (Brr)
Drill and get paid too
Broadday, the guys doin’ bait moves
I drink Henny, not Grey Goose (Trust)
Long nose in my manbag
I’ll pop out and blaze yutes (Boi)
Step with the Glock or the Tre 2 (Step it)
Drill and get paid too
Broadday, the guys doin’ bait moves (Ayy)
I drink Henny, not Grey Goose
Long nose in my manbag
I’ll pop out and blaze yutes
Bands, ayy

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