No Guts, No Glory Lyrics – G Herbo

No Guts, No Glory is a song performed by singer G Herbo from the album No Guts, No Glory. Here are G Herbo’s No Guts, No Glory Lyrics that have been updated by NewSongs123 so you can sing along or cover more easily.

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Songs: No Guts, No Glory
Singer: G Herbo
Album: No Guts, No Glory

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No Guts, No Glory Lyrics – G Herbo

No Guts, No Glory”

Uh, uh
This that real player shit, you know, from a real player that just sit back and look at life and see how this shit goin’ now

I just been in mode
This for them bitches that didn’t love me before I was in that Rolls
But fuck them hoes, I’m still running
Trying to chase my goals
They all eaters, like the reaper, trying to take my soul
They call me the humble one, but I know I’m the goat
Yeah, I’m calm, I’m still a ticking bomb, I’m a blow
Got the world sitting in my palms, drop the lo
How much I paid, got too many charms, I don’t know
I’m in the ‘raq, ain’t even seen my moms, I’m with my bros
You tell me show up, I can’t pull up armed, I don’t go
And niggas talk, but they don’t mean no harm, they some hoes
Killas spinnin’ I ain’t in the tinteds, I’m a no show
If you mention me, I know what’s up
That’s just promo
Big G Herbo slide without that fire, that’s a no no
This bitch been on my side since my nigga died
Flaming that iron, my little nigga frying
I’m really that nigga how could I hide
Fly to Atlanta and pop out at Hide
Walk out at Hide and go to the [?] Seen that water I dove
And I’ma stick to the code
I used to play with the stove
I used to pay for them O’s
Now they paying for records I sold
Now I just fly to New York and I’m paying the jeweler for making my mold
Now I got like three cribs and three kids, I feel like I’m old
I taught them niggas the game, they know what it is
I feel like they owe me
Really a nigga don’t owe me shit, you was born by yourself, get rich by his mom made him pick the switch
Five years later that switch on a stick
I was down, I ain’t have shit
Swervo rich, I still ain’t switch
Made the drive, but I can’t pick ’cause all these hoes on my dick
Used to be riding with that blick
Used to love firing like my Bic
Swervo riding in that 6
G63, that’s my bitch
Wrecked the hulk, got it towed
Lost my dog, bought him froze
Wish The Bull would’ve gave D Rose a max
Still ball like D Rose at Saks
I be switching from Rolls to Lamb’
I be switching from Rolls to ‘Lac
I be switching from rapper to savage
Savages let me let em hold the sack
I’m still the same word to my tats
Cock and bang word to my gat
I’m so charismatic, I act
You ain’t even know I act like that
I barely pop outside with stacks
I gotta pop outside with straps
Soon as I pop out I’m on go
How bro pop out lac

G Herbo, Swervo
I’m G Herbo and Swervo
I can’t even tell the difference between G Herbo and Swervo

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