Pass The Nirvana Lyrics – Pierce The Veil

Pass The Nirvana is a song performed by singer Pierce The Veil from the album Pass The Nirvana. Here are Pierce The Veil’s Pass The Nirvana Lyrics that have been updated by NewSongs123 so you can sing along or cover more easily.

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Songs: Pass The Nirvana
Singer: Pierce The Veil
Album: Pass The Nirvana

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Pass The Nirvana Lyrics – Pierce The Veil

Sink until you’re unimpaired
Slow motion like a rolling eye
We can hear you loud and clear
Suicide season is upon and high
Why are you always saying, “Let the good times roll?”
Kick your mind open like a punk rock show
Uppercut bleeding through the soffit nose
If you didn’t come home injured would you say it was a good show?

Cause every single fucking day I try to roll my eyes and breathe One hit, now I’m off this shit

Give up, Give up
I can’t hear you
Through the tension right now

This is only a distraction

Swing, batter up let’s play
Power until the target bleeds
This gun would never turn on me
So, Paul Meany will you drop that beat
Why are you always saying, “Let that shit go?”
Pennywise fashion on a sad skid row
A gentrified neighborhood of blood soaked homes
Draw the lines a little further now we’re coming back to get you

I can’t shine to save my life
But I’ll feel through the dark without you I set fires ablaze inside
And stepped into the light to blind you

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